Equipment Requirements

With our product all you need is any granita machine or slush freezer - We'd love to say we sell these as well, but we're too devoted to our product to hassle with the machines. We have some links to great companies on the bottom of this page.

Equipment Cleaning

When we made the Original Cream Style GRANITA , we had your everyday operations in mind. Due to the products non-dairy formula, daily cleaning of the machine is not necessary as it is with other granita mixes. However, the use of a non-dairy product doesn't mean that the machine never needs to be and cleaned. We recommend cleaning at least once every three days to prevent accumulation of normal residue, which will make cleaning more of a chore. And who likes chores right? It should be stressed that all granita machine manufacturers recommend frequent cleaning and lubrication of the rotating parts to ensure dependable machine performance. Also, a regularly cleaned machine will be more attractive and effective in increasing sales.

Equipment Sourcing

We believe that access to fast service is important with any piece of equipment in your bar, and the granita machine is no different. For that reason we recommend several brands of equipment, all of which should have local availability and a distributor in your area. If you would like us to contact the manufacturer and obtain your local distributors contact information, we would be happy to do that for you! Simply e-mail with your request. You may also visit their web site by using the links below:

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