Until now, all granitas were fruit flavored in the machine so an operator could only offer as many flavors as tanks on the granita machine. That means the operator was trying to satisfy a regular customer, who usually chooses from a large variety of flavors for their latte or cappuccino, with one or two fruit beverages that won't accept coffee. It doesn't work!

The Original Cream Style Granita stays neutral in the machine until the customer orders what they are craving, giving the barista the ability to offer a selection of flavors as wide as their selection of syrups or flavorings. It is also a terrific base for slushy, creamy cocktails.

Serving Instructions

Step 1 - Mixing: Mix 1 pouch with 2 gallons of water. Mix well and store refrigerated. Yield per pouch approx. 2.5 gal. with 20% overrun.

Step 2 - Serving:
Just put any flavor, coffee, or liquor in the glass. Draw the granita on top and stir if desired. Your Barista's will love you! Imagine serving Amaretto Nut Swirls, Kahlua Cream, Praline & Cream, Black Forest or Mud Pie Granitas. The possibilities are endless with The Original Cream Style Granita base.

Step 3 - Cleaning: Due to the product's non-dairy formula, DAILY CLEANING OF THE MACHINE IS NOT NECESSARY. However, the use of a non-dairy product does not mean that the machine never needs to be disassembled and cleaned. Recommended cleaning is at least once every three days, to prevent accumulation of normal residue, which will make cleaning more of a chore. It should be stressed that all granita machine manufacturers recommend frequent cleaning and lubrication of the rotating parts to ensure dependable machine performance. Also, a regular cleaned machine will be more attractive and effective in increasing sales.

Packaging & Product Cost

The Original Cream Style Granita comes in a non-dairy powder form in measured pouches that make 2.5 gallon batches. The powder mixes easily even in very cold water.

• Case Price: ONLY $66.50
   (just 3.4 cents per ounce!)
• Delivered via Fed-Ex in the US
• Typical 16 oz. serving including cup, lid, straw, and flavoring is $0.70 cents.    Retail prices range from $2.00 to $3.00 and up per serving.

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